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President's Latest Report

Presidents Update

The 3rd edition of Electric & Gliding Flight Australia (EGFA), our new E-magazine, has been out for a while now. It includes reports on the very successful National Electric Flight Rally held at Easter at the NAAS field just outside Canberra. If you have not seen this magazine, send an e-mail to David Lucas or Peter Pine and they will e-mail it to you. It is worth reading! And watch for the 4th edition, which is being prepared now.

Anyone that has organised a large event understands the amount of work required to make an event a success. On that note (without mentioning names), I’d like thank all the members of the AEFA Committee and NAAS Club that put so much work and effort into making the Easter event the success it was.

For me personally it was great to catch up with old mates and make some new ones. The weather was great with lift there if you could find it and if you didn’t an early landing resulted.

Jamboree events such as our National Electric Flight Rally schedules individual events over 2 or 3 days, therefore contestants entering multiple events and get to fly 1, 2 or even 3 different categories each day. This type of event favours unpredictable weather as you will most probably be flying over more than one day and hopefully get one good flying day in. The down side to this style of event is that you have to make a commitment to fly over the whole weekend to have any chance of gaining a place or posting a reasonable result. Over the years we have had some feedback about running the event this way, however so far the majority of flyers enjoy the format and wish to keep the event the way it is.

In relation to checking the opinion of flyers, AEFA have conducted a survey to obtain feedback from flyers around what is important to them and also seeking flyers opinions on the venue for our 2017 National Electric Flight Rally. The results showed an overwhelming positive response for keeping the NEFR the way it is, and returning to NAAS for the 2017 event .

One last thing, before I sign off for this edition, and that is AEFA is always looking to help clubs run electric events so if your club is thinking about running an electric or glider event, please contact any of the committee for assistance as we have spot landings markers, PA Systems and Scoring programs we can loan to clubs to help out.

Until next time cheers and happy thermal hunting.

Terry Scolari

President AEFA

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