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President's Latest Report

President’s Message

by Trevor Smith

It’s official, the MAAA has advised the AEFA that their application to run the F5J Team Selection Trials for the 2021 F5J World Championships has been successful. The selection trials will be held at the Aeromodellers NSW State Field at Cootamundra NSW from the 6th - 8th November 2020, with the field available for practice on the 5th November.

It is hoped that by holding the event over three days there will be sufficient time to mitigate against unfavourable weather conditions. We will continue to liaise with the F5J community in the lead up to these trials and there has already been a suggestion that we should commence the trials on the afternoon of the 5th November.

Unfortunately some of our fellow flyers have been impacted by Lipo related fires. If you read nothing else in this magazine please read the article on pages 14-15.

Hearing of these incidents made me realise how complacent I had become about charging and discharging Lipo’s, and I doubt that I am alone. I have done all the wrong things; left batteries unattended in the garage while charging and discharging, charged batteries inside the house while watching TV so as not to have to go into a cold garage during winter and left batteries unattended while charging them in the council provided lockup at my club field. But not any more! Batteries are now charged and discharged outside the house and I will be suggesting to my fellow club members that we use a table outside our lock-up for charging.

But while writing this I have just remembered that my transmitter has a 2S Lipo, and I usually leave the transmitter charging overnight inside the house. The transmitters next charge will be under the carport away from the house.

My club flying field is surrounded by bush and during Total Fire Bans for our area we do not fly; why, because we are concerned that a crash in the bush could result in a Lipo fire. Does your club have a similar policy?

The 4th Annual Australian F5J Trophy is fast approaching with entries closing on the 25th October. If you are thinking of attending this great event, at the location of the 2020 F5J team selection trials, then go to the AEFA website at: and fill in the entry form. Event details, including the program, are also available on the website.

Until next time!

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