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President's Latest Report

President’s Message

Since my last report it has been my pleasure to welcome the following new members to the AEFA: Grant Manwaring, Eddie Otto, Phillip Whitehouse, Anthony Long, Darryl Herman, Greig Andrews, Nigel Virtue, Joseph Frost, Bernie de Braun, Max Wright, Garry Whitfield, John Harman and Stephen Slater. Thanks for joining up and I hope you enjoy your association with us. 

I regret to report that the F5J World Championships have been cancelled due to COVID 19 restrictions. As a result, we in turn have cancelled the Australian F5J WC selection trials which were to be held in conjunction with the F5J Trophy this November at Cootamundra. The good news is that we still plan the run the F5J Trophy provided further travel and health restriction don’t scuttle the event. I appreciate that many competitors will be unable to attend due to the border restrictions that may still be present. For those who can, get your entry in. You can find a flyer for the F5J Trophy in this latest Emag and on the AEFA website. 

It’s great to see the growing interest in 2m E-RES, particularly with MRSSA holding some 2m E-RES events in conjunction with the Queensland F5J Series. Congratulations must go to these Queensland flyers as such actions can only be good for the development of our sport. To assist in this, the AEFA committee has drafted a set of E-RES rules which you can also find in this latest Emag and on the AEFA website. Personally, I’m nearing the completion of a 2m Eli to join in. 

Finally, to those hemmed in by the current lock downs and border restrictions I extend my best wishes that you emerge from them safely, particularly so for our Victorian friends. Stay Safe

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