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 Are You Interested In A Low-Key Electric Glider Event?

E-RES has taken the world by storm! And extremely popular in Australia - 30 entrants in that event at LSF Tournament Jerliderie. This is the height-limited event for 2-metre E-gliders and represents a low-key approach to flying an event together with friends.

It is time to have an E-RES weekend - and one is scheduled for the Tamworth club field at Somerton 7-8 September 2024, just when Slopefest begins so you can anjoy both.

TARMAC Eglider 2024 small

LEG has been added to the program because there are some fliers with larger models, and they may not have a height device. So, see the LEG details on the flier and enter both! 

The event is scheduled to coincide with Slopefest, so visit both! See you there to have some fun.

Read the rules in the rules library (arranged alphabetically)  - click here.

F5J and ERS postal rules for 2023.

Read the rules in the rules library (arranged alphabetically). Click here

Proposed 3 metre F5J Rules

The AEFA committee listened to many pilots out there. You told us that many of you (not currently flying F5J contests) wanted to fly in contests but were deterred by the cost of the moulded models.

In order to address this concern, the AEFA committee has framed  rules for a simpler and smaller plane specification that have better performance than a 2 metre model, but at a cost substantially less than moulded gliders.

You can read the rules in the rules section, but the rules limit the wing to 3 metres (or less) and constructed predominantly of wood. Additionally the power train is limited to motors without gearboxes. We think that these two important restrictions will hold costs down.

We are publishing the rules so pilots can start to build or organise their planes.

Within a few months, there will be a suitable model available from Performance Planes , a local kit supplier.

From Hyperflight, the Introduction and Inside are suitable planes, as is the Yellow Jacket from the US.

Pulsars and AVAs will be eligible if the wings are shortened.

On line, plans for the Bird of Time and the Bubble Dancer or available, and with an electric conversion are suitable and competitive planes.

Have a read of the rules and start building. We hope to organise the first contest (in conjunction with an F5J event) in October.

For details click on the Rules Library at the left.

Looking For Something About Electric Flight In Australia?

You've Found It. AEFA, An Australian Organisation Fostering And Promoting Aeromodelling Using Electric Power.


The AEFA began in the mid ‘90s. In those early days, meetings, rallies and newsletters were the only methods we had to share our knowledge and passion.  While times have changed we believe it’s important to continue sharing our experience, problems and solutions to mastering electric flight.  This website is one of the main avenues for doing that and here you'll find things to help you enjoy electric powered models.

In our ‘Resources’ section we have compiled information that can be classified as electric flight 'know how'.  For many, understanding the technology, or selecting components for an electric model, is a daunting prospect.  We want to help.  Our focus is on those matters that are pertinent to electric flight and some of the differences from the IC world. We will try to point you in the right direction, present as broad a view as possible, and maintain brand independence.

Getting together as electric modelers is another way we can pass on what we have learned.  Our ‘Events, Competitions and Rules’ section provides information about where and when electric events are planned and the competitions that might be run at them. It’s also a section where new ideas about events and rules are published along with those for regularly flown contests.

The section ‘ About the AEFA’ is just that.  It explains our origins, recognizes some of the key individuals that have pioneered electric flight in Australia and provides information about how we are organized and operate.  Because we want to stay in step with current and emerging practices for connecting and collaborating with each other, we now concentrate on communicating via this website plus a network of ‘focus’ email groups.  News and information is circulated for each categories depicted in the graphic at the top of this page, namely:

  • electric gliding,
  • Electric Old Timers,
  • general news and rally information.

Details on becoming an AEFA member (membership is free) are in our 'How to Join' page (here).

NA3 all

Solutions Update

A couple of updates to our Solutions Via Rule of Thumb page have been made, namely Mike O'Reilly's guide to Trimming a model, and Marcus Stent's thermalling notes now live here.


 5th Annual Australian F5J Trophy 10 – 12 November 2023

For the Flyer click Here

For the entry form click here

Event information

The Australian Electric Flight Association is running the F5J Trophy event.


The event will run as closely as possible to the International F5J rules. Timing and organisation will be through Gliderscore, and audible time calls will be at the flight line, as well as through FM radio transmission.

Time boards will also be set up at the flight line and in the pit area to keep pilots informed of the event's progress

Flyers will be grouped into teams of three for organisational reasons. You can nominate your other two partners or the CD will allocate groups.

Categories of flyers:

F5J Aspirant – this is the category for pilots nominating for the Australian Team for the 2023 F5J World Championships.

F5J Expert – this is the category for pilots who consider themselves to be of a sufficient standard, but do not want to nominate for the 2023 F5J World Championships. This category will include any overseas flyers who attend the event.

The F5J Aspirant and F5J Expert categories will fly in the same group(s)

F5J Advanced will consist of other pilots entering the competition. 

F5J 3meter. Pilots with planes meeting the requirements of the AEFA 3-meter rules.

F5J Advanced and F5J 3 meter pilots will fly in the same group(s)

All categories will fly the same number of rounds during the competition.

In the case where the weather wind is considered to be excessive, firstly the CD will take a poll of the Advanced and  3 meter pilots, who will decide whether to continue to fly this category.

This decision will not affect the Aspirant and Expert categories.

Competition will commence on Friday morning and continue till lunchtime on Sunday. Pilots who wish to practice are permitted to do so on the Thursday.


Will be to the F5J glider rules as published by the FAI

Prizes or certificates will be awarded to the top three placegetters in the

  • Expert category 
  • Advanced category

A prize or certificate will be awarded to the highest placed pilot on the F5J 3 meter category


West Wyalong is a town in the central part of NSW. The AB Bryant field is located some 15 minutes’ drive north of West Wyalong.

The field is some one square kilometre and there are ample flat areas for landing.

Camping will be available on the field.

There is no power to camp sites. There are amenities available at the field.

Power is available at the field at the amenities building, but pilots requiring charging of batteries near the flight line will require their own storage batteries to charge from.

West Wyalong itself has a range of accommodation from pub stays to B&B. Accommodation can be booked through the various websites handling this sort of business.


This magazine includes information on glider postal events, various reports, future events and other good stuff from the Australian Electric Flight Association.
For the EMF magazine.  Click here for F5J Postal results and ERES Postal results.

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NEFR 2022 Easter weekend 2022

For an Excel entry form click here.

For a PDF entry form click here



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