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F5J Information Rules and Resources

An introduction to F5J electric thermal glider rules - the new international rules that take the emphasis off a fast climb and expensive models.

You no longer need a high-powered electric glider to compete in a thermal flying competition. The F5J rules that have  been accepted  by our international governing body shift the emphasis away from a fast climb. The key to the event is to fly for 10 minutes in a 10 minute window by climbing for up to 30 seconds under power and starting from as low a height as possible. A link to the rules is at the end of this page.

Here you can also get an article about how the rules work, and how to fly the event. You can also find an article by Dave Hines about choosing the right  motor for an F5J electric glider.

The AEFA has purchased 10 data logging devices to use with F5J and a hand-held reader to use in the field with these devices – the equipment is available for loan to AEFA members.

Many AEFA events and our Postal Competition now include F5J, to foster the Aussie experience with the event.  All this is designed to promote the rules and develop expertise and an understanding of the event in Australia, so that when it comes time for a World Championship we will have an effective team of F5J fliers to send overseas. Would you like to be one of that team? It will certainly be less expensive than setting yourself up for F5B. It also focuses on thermalling and spot landing skills.

So, if you have an electric glider with a moderate climb, that thermals well, and you can land it at your feet, give F5J a go!  These flyers did.

 F5J Resources

  • The F5J idea:  New Glider Comp.pdf
  • Picking a Power Set Up:  F5J power.pdf
  • View the 2020 F5J Rules  here
  • View the chief rule changes between 2017 and 2018 here 
  • View AMRT devices approved for F5J here
  • Download Time Calls Sound File, from countdown to launch throught to task completion: F5J Countdown  (~4MB) (Right click the link and choose “Download the Linked File As).


Some of the latest news can be fund on the links below. Click the "Back" button/arrow when finished with the article.

  • Notes from Marcus Stent on locating and using thermals - click here
  • Presentation from the 2017 F5J Team that flew in Slovakia - click here
  • Fabulous video from Peter Baumgartner at the Australian F5J Trophy competition in Canberra in November - click here
  • Team Selection process for the Australian Team for the 2019 F5J World Championships as devised by LSF - click here
  • Current Device Approval (2020) document from the CIAM EDIC committee that approves devices for FAI events - click here. Posted here for the benefit of fliers intending to compete overseas - does not necessarily apply to Australian events, but please check with your CD
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