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How to Join



There’s more than one reason to be part of the AEFA.


The AEFA is a network of ardent electric flyers that are happy to share their knowledge and passion for electric flight.  Being part of an AEFA focus group is a great way of contacting and sharing experiences with like-minded electric flyers across Australia.  It’s a sure way of building friendships and providing encouragement to each other.


An AEFA goal is to be a source of reliable information about electric flight.  AEFA members are kept abreast of the latest technical innovations, solutions to problems, and developments in electric flight.  Email newsletters, events and our website provide an effective conduit for members sharing invaluable information about building electric models and safely getting the best performance from them

AEFA members also receive news on happenings and events throughout Australia that are of particular interest to electric flyers.  As well as having access to the AEFA calendar, members are sent regular email newsletters with information about AEFA and club meetings that feature electric flight.


AEFA events have a focus on getting together and enjoying all aspects of flying electric models.  Some have a competitive flavor.  Others are more about showing off new products as well as members’ creativity, innovation and building experiences.  Some are also geared to showcasing new approaches to the hobby or preparing for international competition in electric flight.  Regardless of the theme, all have strong social connections as well.


When asked why they are a part of the AEFA here’s what some of our members said:

“It gives me access to people who are ardent Electric Flyers.”
“A great fraternity of guys with similar interests - sharing of our passion.”
“The Easter National Electric flight rally is the highlight of my flying year.”
“The AEFA is a place to source and share knowledge and experiences with all forms of Electric Flight.”
"I get information that helps me keep up with technical innovations, upcoming events and the 'doings' of other members.”


There is no cost to join the AEFA but registration is required.  Why is it free? Because we have streamlined our organization, adopted electronic media as our method of communicating with members and determined that any funds needed to operate the AEFA can be covered by fund-raising activities or from the proceeds of AEFA events.

Join now by applying on-line here which emails us your completed details.  You can post it, or scan and email it, to the postal or email address on the form.


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