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Presidents AGM Report


AEFA Presidents Report for the 2021 AGM

I’m very pleased to present my annual report in person at NEFR 2021 for your consideration given the turbulent year we have had.

I have been on the committee now for a number of years in various positions and now I report for the first time as your President. Unfortunately there hasn’t been a lot to report on except for the cancellation of the various events due to that Virus.  There, I’ve said the “V” word and I shan’t mention it again.

I became President following the retirement of Trevor Smith who headed our association for 3 years.  In that time, Trevor through his dogged determination had the AEFA recognized as the Electric Glider National Special Interest Group (NSIG).  For this effort and general service to the AEFA the committee made him a life member.  The presentation of this award was to be made at the 2020 F5J Trophy but that word I won’t mention got in the way.  So it was my pleasure to phone Trevor at one of his club flying days where Phil Stevenson (in person) and I were able to spring the award on him.  Well done Trevor.

It has been the support and combined wisdom of the committee that has enabled me to be your president and I thank them;

  • Vice President Terry Scolari.
  • Treasurer Phil Stevenson
  • Secretary Charles Powell
  • Committee member Mal Pring
  • Committee member Peter Pine
  • Committee member Alan Mayhew.

I also extend my thanks to three people in particular;

  • Phil Stevenson for coordinating the EOT postal competitions.
  • Mel Gillott for coordinating the F5J and Radian (now E-RES) postal competitions.
  • Peter Pine as editor and for production of the Electric & Glider Flight Australia magazine. Although Peter receives a small stipend for this, the pay rate is about 5 cents/hr.

The emergence of interest in E-RES competitions has been a significant development in this restrictive year.  This has been championed by your committee who, in consultation with the electric gliding community have developed a draft set of rules for this event. I direct you to the AEFA website ( for details.

As the year progressed, cocooned electric flying began to emerge at local clubs.  Also at some notable events;

  • Queenslanders were particularly active with F5J and E-RES events.
  • The Armidale Sailplane Expo in January this year.
  • The Millennium Cup

That brings me to the National Electric flight Rally (NEFR) 2021, one of the two AEFA show events.  The other is the F5J Perpetual Trophy. Both were cancelled last year and sorely missed by many, NEFR in particular. Well I’m pleased to report that NEFR 2021 is on!  This year will be the first NEFR to feature an E-RES event. NEFR is a great weekend of multi disciplinary electric flying aimed primarily at having fun and catching up with friends.  It’s a perfect event for new comers and experts alike.

 After NEFR 2021 the next AEFA event will be the F5J Perpetual Trophy, scheduled for 5th – 7th November 2021 at Cootamundra. 

Once again, we would not be able to offer prizes at our events if it wasn’t for

the generosity of our prize sponsors below. Please support our them.

Mike O'Reilly - Modelflight

Peter Pine - Electric Flight in Australia

Ladislav Safarik - Sky Soaring Robots

Ralph Dephoff


0408 254 242

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