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Solutions via Rules of Thumb

This section is built on the knowledge that there are a few important characteristics that drive of our design process.  Experience shows that certain approximations will yield a very acceptable solution, without needing a detailed understanding of the process or a high degree of precision in the calculations.  Those ideas give us what we call our ‘rules of thumb’.

This section is still being developed but a component is available now that illustrates these concepts.

One experienced electric flyer has captured these ideas in a series of presentations that are available through clicking on the images below.  Tom Hunt has an impressive list of credentials that include being a contributing editor to the FLY RC magazine, an inductee to the Hall of Fame of both the American Academy of Model Aeronautics and the Vintage R/C Society.  He is also a driving force behind the Northeast Electric Aircraft Technology (NEAT) Fair, held each year in New York state.  The AEFA appreciates Tom allowing use to reference his material.

 Trim Cover     Mike O’Reilly's Guide to Trim

THERMALLINGCOVER  Marcus Stent Guide to Thermals




aefa_Larger Sytems_2008.pdf


When reading Tom’s presentations, be aware they use imperial units of measurement and refer to the US marketplace, so some references to brands and pricing may not apply here

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